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Damghan, a city with 7,000 years history, is located 360 km northeast of Tehran in Semnan Province. Its historical name was Qoomes. During the 3rd century B.C. the invading Greeks named it Hecatompylos or a city with one hundred gates. Relics related to Tootom worship have been unearthed in this ancient city. Damghan's historical Tappeh Hessar contains important monuments including Tarikhaneh Mosque, built over a fire temple. The structure was erected before the birth of Christ.Besides the city is enriched with many other monuments, each representing a special period of our history. 


tarikhaneh mosqueDespite 7,000 years history Damghan, located east of Iran, has been forgotten beneath desert sand duns, whilst it is one of the most ancient urban metropolis in the Iranian plateau and hides many secrets covered by sands. Damghan is sitting still for many years like a seaport without shore at the skirts of the scorching desert and even refused to beg rain from heaven. With over 7,000 years history and a many historical monuments including Tappeh Hessar which belongs to the Mades, Parthians and Sassanid periods -- the Tarikhaneh was built during the Sassanid period and beginning of Islam and many other historical buildings belonging to Seljuks and other periods -- Damghan has witnessed many historical epoches.


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     Chehel Dokhtaran    

Chehel Dokhtaran Vault is located at the center of Damghan and behind Imamzade Jafar, both of which belong to Seljuk period. A Kufi inscription in the edifice says the vault was built in 466 A.H. (1087 A.D.) and has survived without cracks although the city is lying on the earthquake belt.

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