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The city, as well as the district of Damghan are surrounded by the mountain range of Alborz on the north, and by the Salty Desert of the center of Iran on all other limits. Because of its location on the mountain-desert edge, strong and misty winds always blow there. And for the latter reason also, in the city and its surrounding areas trees don’t grow high. The weather in the highland of this district is temperate, and it is hot in the desert. Most historians relate the foundation of the city to Hooshang, the grand son of Kiomars, and Damghan has been known as one of the most old towns in Iran. It was the headquarter of the Muslims and the center of the state of Qomis. Some historians believe that during its golden age, Damghan had 100 gates. The most interesting heritage and historic places of Damghan are as following:
Tappeh Hesar (The Wall Hill) which is located one kilometer from the town, and it includes historical remaining belong to the pre-historic age.
Tarikhaneh Mosque and its Minaret, which was built in the second century After the Hijrate (AH).
The building was imitated from the Sasanid architecture, and it is counted as one of the oldest Islamic mosques of the World. but the minaret of this mosque belongs to the Saljuk period.
The Circular Tower of 40 Girls which belongs to the Saljuk period. It was constructed in the year 446 AH by Abu Shojaa Esfahani, as a family tomb.
The Masoom-Zadeh Brick Tower (Mehmandoost) which is one of the remaining of the Saljuk period, and according to its epigraph, it was built in the year 490 AH.
The Bell Dome which is one of the remainings of the late 7th century AH.
Imam-Zadeh Jafar which is a tomb, and it belongs to the Saljuk period.
Imam-Zadeh Mahmood which is located inside Imam-Zadeh Jafar’s site, and it is one of the remainings of Mirza Shahrokh Taymouri.
The Jami’ Mosque, the construction year of this mosque is not known, but its minarets belong to the Old Mosque. It was built in the year 500 AH.




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